Social Physics についてのセミナー(9/30 18:00~@工学部3号館31号教室)

Kimmo Kaski 教授によるセミナー(システム創成学専攻学術講演会)があります。みなさまの参加をお待ちしています。

September 30th 18:00 at Eng. Building room 31

Systems Innovation Colloquium No. 11
“Social Physics: Mobile Data Analysis and Computational Modelling of Human Social Networks”

Prof. Kimmo Kaski (Aalto Univ., Oxford Univ., Complexity Science Hub Vienna)

In recent years the modern Social Physics has focused on studying large-scale socially relevant datasets using data analysis and computational modelling and yielded unprecedented insight into human social network structures and processes therein. This is well-demonstrated by our analysis of a large mobile phone dataset finding the social networks having modular structure of communities with strong internal ties and weaker external ties. As this data includes the phone users’ demographics, i.e. gender and age, we have investigated the nature of human social interactions from the egocentric viewpoint and got a deeper insight into the gender and age-related social behaviour patterns and dynamics of human relationships, across their lifespan.