The 3rd. Workshop on Self-Organization and Robustness of Evolving Many-Body Systems

December 13th, 2017, Hiroshima University, Japan


The workshop will be held at room E203(大会議室) in the School of Science Building E (marked by the red circle. for English campus map see here), in the Higashi-Hiroshima campus of Hiroshima University.

School of Engineering Building E room E203, Higashi Hiroshima Campus, 1-3-2 Kagamiyama, Higashi-Hiroshima City, Hiroshima, Japan 739-8511


Remarks for presentation

workshop talk: 20 min. talk + 5 min. for question + 5 min. for personal discussion

seminar talk: 40 min. talk + 5 min. for question + 5 min. for personal discussion

MLS seminar: 90 min. lecture incl. question

Time Speaker Affiliation Title
Time Speaker Affiliation Title
9:55–10:00 Takashi Shimada University of Tokyo (Japan) Opening Remarks
10:00–10:30 Hiraku Nishimori Hiroshima University (Japan) Intelligent Group Behavior by Unintelligent Individuals: Autonomous Task Allocation Dynamics of Foraging Ants
10:30–11:00 Seung Ki Baek Pukyong University (Korea) Free energy of a chemotactic model with nonlinear diffusion
11:00–11:30 Yukie Sano University of Tsukuba (Japan) Complex network of scientific contributions: A preliminary analysis
11:30–12:00 Takahiro Tanabe Hiroshima University (Japan) Interaction between two intruders in small disk layer
12:00–12:10 short break
12:10–13:00 (seminar talk) Chin-Kun Hu Academia Sinica (Taiwan) Complex networks from Chinese characters and history of Western Han and Hsin Mang
13:00–14:30 lunch meeting at ``La Boheme''
14:35–16:05 (Mathematical and Life Siences seminar) Kimmo Kaski Aalto University (Finland) Social Physics: Data-driven Discovery of Social Connectome
16:05–16:20 short break
16:20–16:50 Hang Hyun Jo APCTP (Korea) Correlations between interevent times: Memory coefficient and burst size distribution
16:50–17:20 Fumiko Ogushi Tohoku University (Japan) How does the evolving open system behave when the species has a chance to revive before its extinction?
18:00– Banquet in Saijo town

Workshop Poster

Participants (in alphabetical order)



For further information, please contact Takashi Shimada:

shimada (at sign)

Department of Applied Physics & QPEC, Grad. School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo


This workshop is supported by Japan-Korea Scientific Cooperation Program (JSPS-NEF) and CREST-CASSIA project, JST.